Buxton Building Contractors


Cheriton House, Croydon, London
Homefield House, Croydon, London

Programme Duration:

12 weeks

Contract Value:


Works outline:

  • Apex took control of both sites concurrently and set up welfare and water
  • Dust suppression measures were put in place to protect the public
  • Controlled removal of all licensed and unlicensed asbestos-containing materials as per the refurbishment/demolition survey carried out
  • Soft strip exercise to both Cheriton & Homefield House. All fixtures and fittings were removed, segregated and disposed of via several recycling stations.
  • Mechanical demolition of both buildings using a CAT 30T and DX420.
  • Excavation of ground floor slab and hardstandings to a depth of 1.5m to building footprints
  • All demolition debris was crushed to 6f2 grade and stockpiled on site